Carpet for stairs

Carpet for stairs



Clean the step mats like a Carpet for stairs

Due to the daily use of the stairs https://carpet-for-stairs.com, the step rests also become dirty. Against dust and coarser dirt, it is enough to drive over the mats with the vacuum cleaner. Step mat tests have shown that some materials (e.g. rubber, aluminium, sisal) can also be wiped off with a damp cloth. If a stubborn stain lands on the stair carpet, you can use a carpet cleaner.

FlooringNote: Do not clean the step mats in the washing machine. The constraints would lose their shape and you would have to reattach them to the steps again and again. In addition, the fewest stair mats fit in a washing machine.

But the following home remedies are also suitable for clearing the carpet and the step mats from stains.



Place step mats
You can also crop your step mats. The only condition for this is that the mat does not have a chained edge.

Baking powder: Sprinkle the powder on the stain and pour hot (non-boiling) water on it. The fibres open and after a few hours of insertion you can pat the powder off. If the stain is stubborn, you can redistribute the powder on it and add vinegar to the water. Note, however, that vinegar has a bleaching effect.

Salt: Salt actually helps against red wine stains. If the stain is still moist, sprinkle the salt over it. If the salt has turned red, you can suck it off. Acidic liquids such as vinegar water or white wine help against dried-dried stains.


Lemon juice: The lemon juice bleaches your carpet and should therefore only be used for lighter colours. Add a few splashes to the stain and wipe away the juice with a cloth.


Glass Cleaner: Spray some of the cleaner onto the stain and let it dry. You can then brush out the dried glass cleaner.
Shaving foam: Before you reach for shaving foam, you should make sure that it is colourless and free of additives (e.g. menthol). Add the foam to the stain and brush it. The foam is then extracted.